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Even the highest quality door lock can fail. Such misfortune often happens unexpectedly and at the wrong time. It would seem that the repair of a door locking mechanism is not a complicated procedure, and it is easy to find a locksmith. But the lock service near me may be required late at night, or the lock may turn out to be problematic, and the master locksmith qualifications can be insufficient to cope with the task. What to do in such a situation? The answer is simple – call our emergency service. Specialists will promptly fix and replace any locking devices, including cylinders, levers, discs, electromechanical and coded mechanisms. Restoration of locking devices may be required for various reasons. Most often, breakdowns occur due to the following reasons:
  • Technical wear of the moving parts of the mechanism.
  • Inability to extract the key from the lock.
  • Low quality or defective product.
  • Skewing or sagging of the door.
  • Incorrect installation or use of the lock.
  • Use of poorly produced duplicate keys.
  • Breakage of the lock mechanism.
Whatever the cause of malfunctions, an experienced locksmith can restore the correct functioning of a locking device. Do you require a non-destructive door opening? Do you need to completely replace the lock, install a new mechanism? Perhaps, you want to carefully remove the jammed key from the cylinder? Local locksmiths have all the necessary means for solving the most complex lock problems.


The least expensive type of work is minor restorations to the front door mechanisms, which includes:
  • Master locksmith call out.
  • Diagnostics of the state of the lock, its lubrication and tightening of individual elements.
  • If necessary, replacement of hardware elements, hinges on doors.
Works of medium complexity may include the following procedures:
  • Lock change.
  • Latch adjustment.
  • Work with the counter part of the lock.
  • Partial replacement of elements of the mechanism.
  • Code lock re-encoding.
The most expensive is the overhaul of locks. London is not a city where you should save on your own security and protection from burglaries. During the overhaul, our specialist will carry out the following work:
  • Select the most reliable lock model.
  • Install the lock.
  • Strengthen the mechanism with the help of solid armour plates and durable linings.
  • Ensure higher burglary resistance of the structure by installing crossbars.
  • Eliminate the distortions made when installing the lock mechanism or door.


We take on work of any complexity. Restoration of locks in metal, wooden or plastic doors of foreign or domestic production will be performed with high quality regardless of the locking mechanism’s features and the degree of breakdown. You can order emergency gain of entry at any time of the day; the specialist will arrive as soon as possible. The specialist will bring the necessary parts and tools with him, which will make it possible to complete the work in one visit. Our price for door opening service will pleasantly surprise you. The specialist in my area will diagnose and repair the entire locking system and give practical advice on the product’s subsequent operation. You risk only exacerbating the problem and significantly increasing the final cost by trying to carry out restoration work on your own. Calling professional service is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to fix any locking mechanism. Contact us at any time of the day.


Lock opening in the entrance or interior doors of houses and apartments. Our specialists deal with all types of locking mechanisms including disks, levers and cylinders. We offer:
  • Cars opening without causing defects to the paintwork or interior.
  • Opening of safes with any level of security.
  • Opening of lock mechanisms in garages, offices, summer cottages and other establishments.
  • Replacement of locking mechanisms (if necessary).
  • Provision of expert advice on the lock installation and selection.


Our company performs door opening in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. We must be 100% sure that the caller is the property owner; therefore, we require the provision of documents confirming the ownership. If you rent an apartment, you must provide a rental agreement. Sometimes, the confirmation of neighbours is also required (depending on the situation). In the event that you do not have documents on hand, our specialists will open the lock only in the presence of representatives of law enforcement agencies, to whom you will subsequently have to present your documents. We work 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays, so every person, regardless of where he lives or time of the day, has the opportunity to use our services. Choosing us, customers can count on the following:
  • Prompt visit of a specialist.
  • High speed of work.
  • Low price tag.
  • No call out fee upon agreement on provision of services.
  • Provision of quality assurance.
Contact us at any time of the day for taking care of your lock related problem. The lock is an indispensable device that protects premises from intruders. However, it happens that the locking device fails. In such a case, a person cannot get into his house, apartment, office, or, on the contrary, get out of the premises. The only way to solve the problem is the emergency lock opening.
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Specialists know the designs of all lock types like the back of their hands and can carry out lock change quickly! Of course, if the mechanism is broken, you can turn to your friends or neighbours for help. However, it is likely that they will simply break the lock, damaging the door, or cut it off with a grinder. Such a lock opening is impractical because it causes significant material damage. It is much wiser to contact specialists who can open the door using special devices. In most cases, the locksmith manages to gain entry without damaging the lock. It usually takes the specialists from five minutes to an hour to open a door with a broken lock, depending on the design of the mechanism and the degree of its breakdown. After the opening, we will thoroughly inspect the lock and fix it if possible. If necessary, lock change can be carried out on the same visit. Experienced locksmiths are always ready to come to your aid in a difficult situation. Our prices are among the most competitive in the area. We are available around the clock. The lock can fail on its own, due to the fact that its parts are worn out. Often, before a complete breakdown, it gets jammed and turns tight. Also, it happens that the lock stops functioning after a burglary attempt. Here, of course, you can be glad that the lock turned out to be reliable and saved you from burglars, but the situation when you cannot get into the room is still unpleasant. Do not succumb to despair! It is enough to contact us, and your problem will be solved.


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Are you searching for lock specialists near me? Need quick assistance with a faulty locking device? Having trouble with opening your front door? – WE ARE READY TO HELP! Please call our dispatch centre at 442030267902 or submit a callback form on this website. The dispatch centre operator will route the closest available specialist immediately. You just need to provide your address and valid contact number. Mobile units staged on 24/7 duty across the city allow for fast response. Our arrival time at the place of call averages 20 minutes! We bring a complete set of tools, spare parts and new locks for taking care of any problem that may emerge over the course of work. Our local team has been assisting customers in lock-related emergencies since 2012. Over the years in business, we have earned a reputation as a reliable service and intend to keep it by continuing to offer our customers low cost solutions to lock problems. The quality of our services is evidenced by numerous reviews from local customers whom we had the privilege to assist in emergencies. Feel free to call us at any time if you are looking for professional locksmiths in my area. There is no call out fee in case the customer consents to the provision of services upon the arrival of a specialist. 02070969982.

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