Lost your key but don’t want to change the lock? Need to get extra copies? Our key cutting workshop is engaged in the manufacture of duplicates for locks, regardless of their complexity and type. Today the market for door locking mechanisms offers a huge selection of locks. The keys to door locks are classified according to the mechanism. There are cylinder and lever locks.

Cylinder Locks

The main feature of cylinder locks is a small keyhole. Cylinder locks can have the following key types:

  • English – such keys are typically used with Kale and Apecs cylinders. They are small in shape and have a groove in the centre. Uncomplicated shape with one-sided or two-sided design makes them easy to manufacture.
  • Finnish – these are used in Finnish Abloy cylinder locks that have a complex disc structure. The locks are opened with small keys of different thickness and shape. Finnish key cutting consists of filing segments at different angles. The tube can be hollow or flat.
  • Tubular – the manufacture of such a model is carried out for locks with a cylindrical device. The shape of the product resembles a hollow tube. They are used in slot machines, cable locks for bicycles and some models of safes.

Lever Locks

The levers are located in accordance with the arrangement of the teeth on the key. Such keys are much larger than English or Finnish types, and resistance to picking is ensured by the number and shape of levers, as well as by the depth and height of the grooves on the key. The locks themselves quite easily cope with brute force from heavy-duty tools that some burglars use to gain entry; due to the fact that there is no cylinder in the lock, the load is distributed evenly over the entire door surface.


The replacement key can be made from a lock or original copy. It is also possible to manufacture duplicates by a code. The production of copies is carried out on high-precision specialized equipment using original factory blanks. Our master will select a suitable option from various universal blanks using the presented original copy or lock, and cut the blade. The duplicate is guaranteed to match an original copy and fit the lock perfectly. The use of high-quality materials in the key cutting process ensures a long service life of our products. The work can take from 10 minutes to 1 working day depending on the complexity.