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The high standard of services quality and convenience for commercial customers that we have taken will certainly meet your requirements. We intend to systematically raise it so that cooperation with our locksmith company is always pleasant. We are working on expanding the already excellent assortment of commercial locking systems and fittings. Our main goal is to ensure the complete safety of apartments, offices, garages and commercial objects. We have over ten years of experience in the field of locks installation, repair and opening.


Our commercial locksmith company ensures the professional development of each employee. We try to create comfortable conditions both in terms of ordering our locksmith services and purchasing lock products, as well as in terms of payment or entering into a mutually beneficial agreement. Give us a call for detailed information on our range of commercial locksmith services. A good quality lock installed or repaired by a professional locksmith should be the guarantor of reliability.



You can call us for the installation and maintenance of locking devices. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a conventional model or a whole system of defence mechanisms. Our commercial locksmith crew is highly qualified and works with all types of locking devices. The replacement may be required due to the following reasons:

  • Loss of a key.
  • Deterioration of the mechanism.
  • Lack of proper care.
  • Jamming mechanism.

We always make a preliminary assessment of the locking mechanism’s wear. Our rates are transparent and reasonable. We work with both individuals and legal entities. For our clients’ convenience, the commercial locksmith is available around the clock, including weekends and holidays.



In large commercial buildings, there tend to be difficulties with tracking the process of arrival and departure of the employees, movements on the territory of workers and visitors. It has been established that installing an access control system at commercial objects increases the efficiency of work and discipline. We offer our clients high-quality equipment from the best brands. After our locksmith carries out a comprehensive check and customizes the system for the specific needs, you will be able to fully use all the benefits that an access control system can provide.


Each employee of the company must have a personal electronic key. The electronic system automatically monitors the time and trajectories of movements, records the passage through the main entrance and reflects all the information in a special event log, based on the results of which it is possible to generate the necessary reports. It allows you to enter a group and individual settings for specific keys, work in tandem with a video recording of events and centrally manage the entrance’s operation.


ACS prevents unauthorized entry, automates personnel and time records, facilitates the work process, and provides means for controlling employees’ activities. Our commercial locksmith company performs the implementation of access control systems, their maintenance, as well as, if necessary, repair of both the included components and the system as a whole.



If the lock is broken, every minute counts. Circumstances are different. A lot depends on the efficiency of the locksmith. The safety of property, important documentation, expensive equipment, and sometimes, even lives can be in danger due to a lock-related emergency. We appreciate your time and are ready to repair the lock immediately after registering the application, with a guarantee of the result.


You can attempt to repair the lock yourself. But is it really worth it saving the money on the professional locksmith services? Amateur intervention can cause damage which will lead to additional costs. That’s why you should entrust the task of securing commercial property to professionals.


Our commercial locksmith crew offers qualified assistance in the repair of locks in wooden, glass, plastic, metal (including armoured) doors. We carry out prompt repair of locks of any complexity, replacement of cylinders, as well as the emergency opening of door locks.



Do you need to open your door quickly at an affordable price? Our masters will solve the problem by providing qualified assistance. Do not experiment in any way and try to open the lock yourself if it does not yield. You can only complicate matters by breaking the key or damaging the lock. Remember, a specially trained specialist from our emergency services can take care of your problem with minimal costs. He will make every effort to save the lock and door.


The emergency gain of entry should be entrusted to specialists with extensive experience regardless of the door type (wooden or metal, exterior or interior). Our company employs locksmiths, whose experience has long stepped over the mark of five years. Practical experience is a guarantee that emergency door opening will take place without damage, quickly and quietly. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes from the call to the arrival of a specialist.

Call us at 020 3985 6060 or book an appointment online.

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