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What should you do if you are locked out of house and need to gain entry?

When you are locked out of the house or unable to leave your home due to problems with door locks or keys, the best option is to contact lock picking service; customers can call our service around the clock at 020 3985 6060. We will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. By turning to our local company for assistance, you can be sure that you are dealing with qualified and experienced personnel in the field of opening door locks and repairing locking products.


Over the past 12 years, thousands of local customers have turned to our service for help with a lockout emergency. Many of them have noted the indisputable benefits of choosing our service:
  • The qualifications of employees allow opening any lock in the shortest possible time. They work with all types of locking devices, including those of the highest burglary resistance class.
  • Locksmith uses professional tools and devices that allow gaining entry for locked out residents of London without damaging the door. In many cases, it is possible to open the door and keep the lock in working order.
  • You may find yourself locked out of a house at any time, so our service is available around the clock.
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Locks on front doors are a part of our daily life, whether we remember it or not. They protect properties 24 hours a day, without maintenance, often under adverse conditions. Natural wear is inevitable and leads to malfunctions of a locking mechanism which may prevent you from entering the premises. Any locking device, even the most reliable and high-tech, sooner or later wears out and breaks. Then an emergency opening of the door lock is carried out, which consists of drilling out the cylinder and installing a new mechanism. Before the replacement is performed, the model of a new lock, the amount of work, and sometimes a number of additional manipulations to repair the door and frame, are all agreed with the locked out customer. Our locksmith crew performs the opening of all types of locks: cylinder, disc, lever, coded, etc. We know the structural nuances of models of all leading brands in Europe, carrying out their opening in a short time and providing a guarantee for the service provided. The emergency opening is usually completed without damaging the locking device, but sometimes, it has to be drilled out in order to assist a locked out resident.


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We managed to form a team of professionals that are ready to work in any conditions, on tasks of any complexity. We offer:
  • Round-the-clock opening of locked doors from any manufacturer, seven days a week, including holidays.
  • The most accurate execution of orders. The possibility of damage to the door structure and paintwork is excluded.
  • Fast response; the arrival time of the locksmith from the moment of the call does not exceed 30 minutes.
  • We guarantee the safety of the contents of the dwelling, car interior or safe, as well as full confidentiality.
  • We open doors without making unnecessary noise, and won’t leave any mess behind for you to clean up.


In the emergency opening of door locks, the accuracy of information obtained from the client is of decisive importance; the type of door lock, the presence and location of keys, the events that precede the problem. Such details facilitate the service provision process allowing us to come with a set of all the necessary tools and components, open mechanisms in a short time without any negative consequences. Our local team has extensive experience and will professionally serve any door. The promptness of our response to an emergency is greatly influenced by the accurately indicated address of the apartment or house. While the operator finds out the details, the call goes to the nearest locksmith, and he goes to the designated place. It is better if you accurately state the entrance of the house, and if the premises are protected by an intercom, provide the code combination in advance so that the master can proceed with the provision of service without delay. As a result, our locksmith will have full information about the incident, which significantly reduces the time spent on eliminating its consequences. Please remember, in some cases, documentary or other confirmation of the ownership, the presence of neighbours or a district police officer is required. We serve all areas of London. You can find out if the master’s call out to your place is possible by calling the phone number indicated on the website.


There is hardly any car owner who has never been locked out. Keys, documents, money and other valuables can remain inside the cabin. Put aside stone and brick, especially since breaking the glass of a modern car is not so easy. Entrust the car opening to local locksmiths; professionals who know all the intricacies of the locking mechanisms. Attempts to gain entry to a locked car without qualified assistance most often result in damage to windows, doors, locking systems or paintwork. Fortunately, you can open a door without a key by ordering a professional lock opening service with our auto locksmith crew on convenient terms – quick check-out, low prices, a guarantee for the service provided. image


When working with models of cars of previous years, a thin metal strip is used, which is inserted between the window and the door body, performing the release of the lock and unlocking the door. Modern brands have built-in protection against opening car locks with such a tool; therefore, long thin steel rods are used, rigid or flexible. They can be with a loop for gripping handles or locking buttons. This is how an emergency opening of the lock is performed without damaging the paintwork and body elements, followed by adjusting or disabling the anti-theft system. Such delicate devices will leave the surface and other parts of the car without damage; we never use any vandal measures.


Our dispatch centre processes orders 24 hours a day; specialists can open a car inexpensively under any climatic conditions. Our service guarantees the following:
  • Arrival of a specialist for emergency opening of a car within 30 minutes.
  • Acceptance of payment for the performed work on the spot.
  • Complete confidentiality.
If you decide to use an inexpensive opening of locked car doors, contact our dispatch centre by phone or leave a request on the website. A locksmith will arrive within 30 minutes and gain access to the car’s cabin preserving the integrity of the body, lock and paintwork.


The final price of the car opening service is added up taking into account several details, such as the make and year of manufacture of the car, remoteness of the specified address, the complexity of the job and component costs. It is clear that opening the locks of luxury cars will cost more than for other models since the designs of advanced locking mechanisms are quite complex and require very delicate work. Our manager will be happy to provide you with any information regarding the emergency opening of a car and the price of each type of work. If you have any questions, call our local team at 02070969982 and get comprehensive information on how to cheaply order a car opening and get pleasant bonuses. image


A modern car is a big investment. Its maintenance requires a lot of experience and careful handling. Contacting local experts in car locks and security systems is the safest and most reliable way to quickly gain access without damage. Using a set of tools and electronic equipment, an experienced auto locksmith can cope with any anti-theft systems, ensuring the integrity of a body, cabin, paintwork and lock on the driver’s door. The employees have extensive experience and know how to open standard auto locks or elite locking devices with a billion secret combinations in London without damage. We work around the clock; a locksmith near you is ready to drive out at any time of the day or night, for the provision of a professional service. Contact our dispatcher at the specified phone number or order an emergency car opening on our website, specifying the necessary information. First of all, we ask you to describe the situation, indicate the brand and year of production of the car, the license plate and the address where the specialist must arrive. Keep in mind, the final cost of the work is determined after inspecting the locking device and identifying all faults.


We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, specifically so that you do not have to wait at the door unable to enter your property. Door openers have received special training and have the necessary tools for all types of locks. Both old and new designs. For example, steel doors are designed so that the leaf overlaps the existing gap between the frame and the door itself. Without practical skills, it is impossible to get to the lock. In order to open steel doors, we use specialized tools that allow for a damage-free gain of entry to a locked property. The main difference between us and other local companies is the accuracy and care for customer’s property. If required, we will repair the door cheaply and provide advice on which lock to choose for a replacement. Turning to the services of dubious companies, prepare for the fact that you will have to pay for a new lock installation and door repairs. On our side, we guarantee the performance of work up to the best standards in the industry. Our locksmith team has been assisting locked out residents for more than 10 years. We have accumulated rich practical experience in opening locks and knowledge about the nuances of their operation. The locksmiths use professional-grade tools for opening locks on metal doors. The emergency opening is carried out as quickly and accurately as possible. After opening the front door, we can replace the broken lock that caused the problem. At your request, we will examine the structure, give recommendations for improving the security of the property and install the necessary hardware for door locks on the entrance external doors. Local locksmiths are available for call out 24 hours a day.image

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Prompt service sorted out the issues with my locks at a competitive price very pleased with the work

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Rashid was extremely professional - great service received. Prompt and efficient.

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Keep in time and give you good advice and very friendly ???? and fair price

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Amazing customer service, genuine regard for customer care and going above and beyond to solve any lock related issues

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Helped me access my property today and I couldn’t be happier with their service. He was at the property within 30 minutes and was very friendly and funny. He was able to gain access to the property almost instantly, completely fixing the problem within about 10 minutes. The price was fair and completely transparent. I have saved his number as my go to locksmith. Thank you!