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We have locksmiths covering all areas of London 365 days of the year to offer you convenience in case of emergencies.

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Your Local Locksmith Domestic & Commercial
Help near you at 02070969982 For more than ten years, our locksmith company has been helping the residents of London to quickly solve all the problems associated with opening and closing their doors. During this time, we not only gained invaluable experience in all related areas but also earned a good reputation among our customers, as well as suppliers who have already become our reliable permanent partners. We carry out all work related to the locking devices in the front doors, safes and cars for automotive, domestic and commercial objects:
  • Installation of new locks;
  • Complete change / replacement of a lock;
  • Repair of locking mechanisms;
  • Emergency opening of locks.
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An emergency opening may be required in the following situations:

  • The door slammed shut with the key remaining inside the premises – a typical scenario;
  • A burglar damaged the locking equipment when trying to gain entry, or an alarm went off and blocked the system;
  • Lost / stolen key, or it is stuck in the keyhole.

As many years of practice show, even the most careful and pedantic homeowners may need help. Nobody is 100 % insured against emergencies. London locksmith performs the emergency opening of locks using a wide range of modern tools; our crew follows the latest developments in the field of security.



  • An emergency opening can be requested at any time of the day. The locksmith will arrive on call as soon as possible;
  • Our team consists of experienced specialists;

We guarantee the prompt completion of the assigned tasks.

In order to request an emergency opening, you need to have with you a phone for communication and a document confirming your ownership of the property. You can contact us to learn more about the services or to place an order by calling 02070969982. We are focused on mutually beneficial dialogue with every potential client in London.

Emergency opening of locks is an operation that is similar in nature to surgical intervention in the human body. It requires a high level of qualifications and special working methods so as not to cause any harm to expensive equipment. After completion of the work, the mechanism will remain fully functional. There is no need to use brute force; repairs will cost the owner significantly more than turning to the services of a professional locksmith in London.



Locksmith London provides services around the clock. Situations often arise when it is necessary to quickly open the front door. Malfunctioning locking mechanisms in solid doors can create an insurmountable obstacle for people who do not have the necessary skills and have never dealt with such a problem.

Prompt assistance is especially important in situations where procrastination is unacceptable. Perhaps there is a dinner cooking in the oven or a small child behind a locked door. In addition, independent attempts to open doors can not only turn into a waste of time but also cause serious damage to the door or lock, which will then require repair. As a result, the financial costs of renovations can far exceed the cost of the services of a qualified locksmith who can often open the door of an apartment in a matter of minutes. If your door has slammed shut, you have lost your keys, or the lock structure has broken, do not panic. Experienced locksmith near you will help to quickly and professionally open the apartment door.


Your local locksmith crew consisting of real professionals, always opens doors quickly, efficiently and carefully. We guarantee:


High level of professionalism


An accurate and quick gain of entry

best prices

The best prices for services



Special tools are required to open locking mechanisms without a key: bump keys, threaded screws, various lock picks and other specific tools. The exact strategy of the specialist's actions is determined on the spot, taking into account various factors:

  • Door material
  • Type of locking structure (electronic or mechanical, cylinder, lever and other mechanisms)
  • Features of protective structures used in the locking mechanism
  • The time it takes to access the premises.

Contact our dispatch centre to request a call out of a specialist for opening doors near your location. Experienced craftsman will arrive at any place in London within 30 minutes with a whole arsenal of modern professional tools. You may not even have to change the locking mechanism later, because often, thanks to the skill of specialists, it is possible to open the doors without breaking the lock. In most cases, after the work of our specialist, it is only necessary to replace individual parts of the locking mechanism or recode the lock.



Years Of Experience



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One of our areas of expertise is the manufacture of keys for locks of different types. If the key is lost or broken, we will take care of all your problems! We can make duplicate keys using the original copy as a blueprint, or from the lock. Due to the fact that we use high-precision equipment in our work, as well as adhere to multi-stage quality control, there is no reason to worry about the result.

Call at 02070969982 to order key copies in London.

A qualified locksmith will make new keys in the shortest possible time. Having found yourself in a difficult situation related to the loss of a key, you can order not only the manufacture of a key but also a complete replacement of the lock. We guarantee a quality solution to the problem in both cases.

We have a wide range of key blanks and locks at our disposal; however, some locks require a customer card with an individual number. The timing of the key production depends on the complexity of its design and the availability of blanks in London. Deadlines can vary from one day to one calendar month. We will name exact terms on an individual basis after you contact us.
Call us or leave a request on the website; we will immediately consider your problem and provide professional assistance.
Working with us, you can be sure of complete confidentiality and quality of service.
Call us at any time to get additional information on services, as well as to place an order.

Why London City Locksmith?

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Barbara Nord
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Prompt service sorted out the issues with my locks at a competitive price very pleased with the work

David Moss
star star star star star

Rashid was extremely professional - great service received. Prompt and efficient.

Sam Wilson
star star star star star

Keep in time and give you good advice and very friendly ???? and fair price

star star star star star

Amazing customer service, genuine regard for customer care and going above and beyond to solve any lock related issues

Duke Benton
star star star star star

Helped me access my property today and I couldn’t be happier with their service. He was at the property within 30 minutes and was very friendly and funny. He was able to gain access to the property almost instantly, completely fixing the problem within about 10 minutes. The price was fair and completely transparent. I have saved his number as my go to locksmith. Thank you!


Our local locksmith service is engaged in emergency car opening, key restoration and lock repair. We work throughout London and the surrounding areas.
Call 02070969982, and our master will arrive at the place within 30 minutes for opening your car without damage. More than 15 locksmith mobile units are on duty around the clock in different areas of London.

Is the key lost or broken? Now, this is not a problem - our locksmith in London will restore the auto key on the spot. Using new high-precision equipment, we can produce a key for any car model. Also, we will resolve issues with the alarm system, central locking and repair the ignition or door locks.

Attempts to open car locks on your own can cause damage of several tens, and sometimes hundreds of pounds. Therefore, if your lock is jammed, the battery is discharged, the key is lost, etc., it is better to call an experienced locksmith who can open the car without damage.



An unforeseen situation has occurred, and you cannot open your car?
Call us and our emergency car opening service will quickly and efficiently solve your problem with the help of a team of experienced specialists!
You should not try to open the car yourself with improvised means; you can only do harm. We open domestic or foreign locks using professional tools without damaging the paintwork, and if necessary, we can replace the lock or make keys right on the spot. Below are the most common reasons for calling auto locksmith London:

  • The doors were locked with the keys remaining in the cabin;
  • The key is lost, broken or stolen;
  • Mechanical damage to the locking device;
  • Various substances or objects got into the keyhole clogging it;
  • The lock is jammed as a result of a failure of the alarm system;
  • Freezing of the car lock in case of severe frosts;
  • The doors were blocked after a traffic accident;
  • Discharged batteries.

We will help you in any situation!

The specialist will drive out to the site immediately after receiving your call. Sometimes, negative external factors affect the car's locking mechanism: temperature change, shock and corrosion damage; these are common causes of lock failure and jamming. In addition, there can be other reasons for calling the locksmith such as carelessness of passengers or the driver, foreign objects in the cylinder, alarm system failures, etc. We strongly discourage car owners from trying to open the lock themselves. Our specialist will pinpoint the cause of the problem and fix it.

Call 02070969982 at any time.


Our locksmith company offers high-quality production of auto keys in London and the surrounding areas. We are ready to help you when you need it most. Below is the list of some of our services:

  • New keys manufacture in case of complete loss according to the cutting code
  • Key cutting from the lock
  • Programming ( immobilizer )
  • Programming the chip
  • Repair of car locks
  • Making duplicate auto keys
  • Restoration of the ignition mechanism after a car theft
  • Emergency opening of car doors
  • Complete replacement of locks and car reprogramming with new keys


  • Qualified locksmith staff
  • Strict adherence to the deadlines set by us for the execution of the order / arrival / repair. You can always rely on us when planning your own time
  • Competitive prices for making car keys
  • A large assortment of related products, parts. A huge selection of blanks for keys
  • Several mobile locksmith teams for performing the emergency opening of car locks in London

The job can be somewhat complicated by the absence of key cutting code. In such cases, new keys are made from the lock. It often happens that there are more pins in the ignition than in all other locks, and the key must fit all, so the locksmith has to solve a kind of puzzle in order to configure the entire system to work with the updated key. Also, it is necessary to reprogram the system so that it is impossible to open car locks with the lost key. After the firmware of the chip is updated, the car can be used again as before.

Our workshop in London can help not only with car locks; using similar methods, we can make a new key to locks of any complexity. We will be happy to help you if you need high-quality production of car keys , the emergency opening of a jammed lock, duplicate or replacement service for locks in an apartment or car.



An emergency can happen at any time of the day or night; therefore, we provide services for opening safes in London around the clock. In 95% of cases, we can open the lock without damage. We also restore the key to the lock. Theoretical knowledge on how to open a safe with an electronic-mechanical or combination lock is definitely not enough for the good result. For the best outcome, you need serious hands-on experience and a specialized tool. We work in the following order:

When accepting an application, the dispatcher will ask you to name the brand of the safe and the type of lock, and briefly describe the problem.


First, the locksmith will examine the safe and determine the algorithm of work.


After the assessment, the specialist will proceed with the opening of a safe without damaging the locking mechanism and doors. If necessary, he can restore keys to the lock.


If it is impossible to get to the contents of the safe without damage to the lock, the client is notified in advance.



Our locksmith company provides professional services for installation of electronic locks in the doors of commercial properties such as warehouses, offices, garages, hotels, shops and more. Installation of electronic locks by an experienced locksmith is a guarantee of long-term operation of equipment and software. Correct implementation of ACS will help you and your staff to quickly adapt to new functions and establish all business processes. You will receive a complete set of instructions for using devices and software.

Call us 02070969982
For more information on security solutions for
your business.


Modern locks have complex mechanisms, high reliability and, often, considerable cost. When they break, it is more profitable to fix them than to buy new ones; for this, you need to call the locksmith . Before buying a new lock, it is worth trying to carry out repairs. Usually, high-quality locking mechanisms are subject to restoration and can serve their owners for a long time.
By the type of installation , locks are divided into mortise and surface-mounted; this factor affects not only the features of using the devices but also their recovery, in the event of failure. It is better to install a mortise type locking device in a metal door because any cuts in a wooden door will weaken the strength of the structure. Repair of surface-mounted door locks takes less time.



Doors made of quality materials and reliable locking systems, as a rule, have a long service life. But circumstances arise when it is necessary to replace the lock; such situations include, for example, loss of keys, serious damage or blocking of the mechanism, change of owners, or simply a desire to install a new door lock with better characteristics.
Lock replacement is a responsible and somewhat delicate matter, so it should only be entrusted to professionals of proven companies in London. Our masters will help you choose the most appropriate solution for any issue related to locks. If necessary, they will select a new lock for your door.


An experienced locksmith will carry out the high-quality and fast installation of locks in a metal door of London apartments, which guarantees a high degree of reliability of the locking mechanism . If you need to install a lock on an entrance or interior door, contact our specialists, and the locksmith will visit you shortly.
We work around the clock and seven days a week .
Modern locking mechanisms are more technologically advanced and sophisticated than their previous counterparts; therefore, they provide a higher level of security. However, the installation of new generation door locks requires a professional approach. Our local London company employs experienced, qualified craftsmen who perform high-quality installation or repair of locks.



When choosing a mechanism, it is worth paying attention to criteria such as the level of safety and ease of use. Today, there are many models on sale that reliably protect the premises from intruders, so it will not be difficult to choose the optimal modification.
From our side, we will ensure that the installation of locks in the door is carried out professionally, which also guarantees the proper level of security.
High-quality performance of work is a guarantee of long-term operation of the locking mechanism and a guarantee against unauthorized entry into the room. Our locksmith crew can cope with any protection system without damaging its mechanism. Thanks to the accurate, careful work, the doors fully retain their aesthetics after installing new locks.
Our specialists arrive at the site with all the necessary tools, so the work is completed in the shortest possible time. If the nature of the breakdown allows for repairs without changing the mechanism, our master will quickly restore the locking mechanism back to working order.

The service price varies depending on the complexity of the work and the need to provide additional services. If necessary, the locksmith will dismantle the old mechanism and prepare the door to fit the new model. The advantages of choosing our local London company are as follows:


High level of professionalism

Door locks

Door locks are installed as soon as possible


Guarantee of high-quality work performance


Around-the-clock provision of services (our specialists will drive out to any place in London regardless of weather conditions, distance and time of day)


We work with any designs of locks (lever, cylinder, electromagnetic, coded, armoured plates, latches, etc.) and types of doors


Reasonable prices for services.

Our manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and provide free consultation on improving your home security.

We can be reached by phone at 02070969982.
Orders are accepted 24/7.

We Cover The Following Areas

  • Central London
  • East London
  • North London
  • South East​
  • South West​
  • West London
  • North West​

Our mobile locksmiths covering all locations from Greater London, ready to help you.

  • West London
  • North London
  • North West London
  • East London
  • South West London
  • South East London

NEW! We also cover ALL outskirts of London, such as:

  • WD – Watford
  • EN – Enfield
  • HA – Harrow
  • UB – Uxbridge
  • IG – Ilford
  • RM – Romford
  • TW – Hounslow
  • DA – Dartford
  • KT – Kingston upon Thames
  • SM – Sutton
  • CR – Croydon
  • BR – Bromley

Our Team of Experts

John Smith, Locksmith
John Smith
Experience: 4 years

John is a highly skilled locksmith with a passion for ensuring the safety and security of our clients. With 4 years of experience in the field, he has successfully handled various locksmithing challenges.

In his free time, John enjoys hiking and volunteering in his local community.

Slogan: "Unlocking Solutions, One Lock at a Time"
Contact John
Nicholas Brown, Locksmith
Nicholas Brown
Experience: 5 years

Nicholas is a dedicated locksmith with over 5 years of experience. He takes pride in providing top-notch security solutions to our clients and has a strong background in residential and commercial locksmithing.

In his free time, Nicholas enjoys playing chess and gardening.

Slogan: "Your Key to Safety"
Contact Nicholas
Michelle White, Locksmith
Michelle White
Experience: 2 years

Michelle is a talented locksmith with 2 years of experience. Her attention to detail and commitment to quality make her a valuable member of our team. She specializes in residential locksmithing and is dedicated to ensuring the security of our clients homes.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys painting and exploring new cuisines.

Slogan: "Unlocking Possibilities, One Door at a Time"
Contact Michelle

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