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imageCall 02070969982 for lock change & replacement in all types of doors Currently, doors are presented in a wide variety of types - in terms of construction, design and materials of manufacture. The range of locks is no less large and includes many functional, reliable devices of different types. But no matter the quality of the lock, problems with them can’t be avoided. The lock can fail without the possibility of recovery, and in this case, lock change will be required. In addition, many people want to replace the old lock with a more modern and reliable model, or fit locks in new doors. Lock change is a demanded service. This is due to the fact that an increasing number of people prefer to entrust such work to professionals, so as not to worry about the possible risks of damaging the door or installing locks incorrectly. Many simply do not have the opportunity to change the mechanism due to lack of time, especially since such work is not as simple as it might seem. Our locksmith crew covers central London as well as outer areas: Harrow, Enfield, Bromley, Croydon and others. The specialists of our company offer high-quality and inexpensive services for the installation of locks on all types of doors. Lock change is performed for entrance and interior metal, wooden, steel, armoured, plastic doors of any design, as well as for car doors. All installation work is carried out quickly, efficiently and professionally.


In case of malfunctions of a lock in the front door, it must be quickly repaired or replaced due to security issues. We are ready to promptly change even the most complex, high-security mechanisms. To resolve the situation as quickly as possible, just contact us by phone or submit an appropriate application. After specifying the time, address, and other necessary details, the locksmith immediately leaves for the site. The lock will be replaced with a new one, while the customer can either offer his own locks or use one from our wide selection of lock models. We can deliver the highest quality locks from the best manufacturers, with guarantees and certificates, and for each specific case, a specialist will advise the best option for the lock. The advantages of working with us are as follows:
  • We change, repair and install locks on all types of doors (entrance and interior), from any materials, including car locks;
  • If necessary, an emergency replacement of locks can be made;
  • We work around the clock, so you can contact us at any time to change locks;
  • We promptly respond to the call and arrive at the specified address at exactly the agreed time;
  • We offer our lock models for installation;
  • Locks we have are only of the highest quality, confirmed by appropriate certificates;
  • We provide guarantees for all types of work, free consultations and recommendations regarding the operation of locks;
  • When it is necessary to change the mechanism, the most optimal version of the lock is selected for each specific case;
  • All lock change orders are executed as quickly as possible, professionally and accurately, so the probability of damaging the door locks or installing the lock incorrectly is completely excluded.
  • Most importantly, any lock service from our company won’t cost you a fortune. This is fundamental for us, as we strive to ensure that our help can be affordable to everyone who needs it.
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Metal doors are quite popular nowadays. They not only look aesthetically attractive but also perfectly protect the premises from burglary given that you have a reliable lock that comes with it. For one reason or another (a broken lock, lost or stolen key and so on), it may be necessary to replace the locks in the metal door, and if so, our masters are always ready to secure your property by installing a high-security lock. Replacement of locks in a metal door is carried out by selecting a similar or better lock model. At the request of the client, multiple locks can be installed on the door. In this case, our locksmith will choose the lock models that will match the features of the door. If the customer offers his lock, an experienced specialist will carry out all the necessary work so that it is installed in the iron door as efficiently as possible, even if the size of the new lock is different. However, we recommend choosing locks for a metal door after consulting with our master, who will accurately determine which locks will ideally fit into the door. The specialist will quickly select and install the desired lock even if you require an emergency change of mechanisms. Obviously, change of accessories and complex locks in a metal door is a job for professionals who have all the necessary knowledge, skills, as well as modern equipment and tools for such work. The lock must be selected taking into account the thickness of the door. The insertion site of locks is determined by the manufactures of metal doors at the beginning of production, and in this regard, the doors are sold with already installed locks. You will have to either select another lock model or rework the door if the new mechanism is of a different size than the original lock. A qualified specialist will change your locking devices with a full guarantee of adequate protection. Not a single front door of a residential building or apartment can do without locks; they are mounted on the doors of offices and garages, warehouses, industrial premises, and so on. In order for the lock to perform its functions efficiently, for a long time and effectively, it is necessary not only to properly care for it but also to install it correctly. Installing locks on a door is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Especially if the door is metal, steel or armoured, and the locking device is modern and sophisticated. One way or another, but such work should be entrusted to specialists.


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We are in direct partnerships with several leading lock manufacturers allowing us to keep our service prices at the lowest possible level. Our company tries to make sure that the services are affordable to as many people as possible. You may want to give us a call when:
  • The old lock is broken and cannot be restored. In such a situation, the locksmith will offer an alternative version of the mechanism that is ideal for a particular door;
  • It is required to install a locking mechanism on a new door. Our specialist will either offer to choose a product or install a device provided by the client;
  • It is necessary to replace the existing device with a more modern and secure model.
We offer our customers exceptionally high-quality, functional, new locks of any type from the most famous manufacturers. Moreover, the purchase and installation of locking mechanisms on the door won’t entail high financial costs. Installation of door mechanisms, which is carried out by our craftsmen, is subject to three main rules, which we consider to be priority:
  • Quality;
  • Reliability;
  • Individual approach.
The above means that the installation of locking mechanisms and any other work, for example, repairs, etc., are guaranteed to be carried out with the highest quality, in accordance with all technological requirements and as quickly as possible. Installation of locks on a door, including iron structures, is always performed in strict accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the device manufacturer.image

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