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Emergency door opening service is extremely popular, including in London and the surrounding areas. This is not surprising, since situations are different, and each of us can face a lock-related emergency. You may need to contact 24 hr locksmith near me due to the following reasons:
  • A jammed or broken lock.
  • Doors that are out of alignment.
  • A fragment of the key stuck in the cylinder.
  • Frozen mechanisms.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Lost or stolen keys.
The above are the most common reasons for calling an emergency locksmith. To them one can add another rather common situation: door opening urgently needs to be done by a qualified locksmith when a child or an elderly has locked himself from the inside, while adults have left the apartment for a few minutes (for example, to accompany guests). Children and old people are not always aware of the consequences and, having closed the door, often cannot open it. This is a dangerous situation, and the emergency opening of doors carried out by an experienced out of hours locksmith is vital in such cases.


Our locksmith crew covers Enfield, Croydon, Bromley, Harrow, Kingston and other areas of outer London. Locksmith experts do not recommend trying to cope with the lockout emergency on your own. Firstly, rash actions can only harm both the door and the lock, which will entail additional unnecessary troubles and financial costs. Secondly, the opening of doors with the help of improvised means does not always bring the desired results. You will only waste your time, not to mention a waste of energy and nerves. If you face a lockout emergency, you should not panic, get upset and angry. Stay calm and just call our locksmith company for a non-destructive gain of entry. Emergency locksmith near me specializes in the emergency opening of doors, regardless of the complexity of the lock and the material from which the door and frame are made. Our emergency locksmith service is available around the clock and provided at the most affordable prices. Of course, 24 hour locksmith near me understands that an annoying nuisance when there is no way to open the door, and an emergency opening is required can happen to any person, regardless of his financial situation. Our locksmith company strives to provide everyone with qualified assistance in an emergency regardless of the financial component. Therefore, the cost of our emergency services is affordable for most residents of London. An urgent locksmith can be reached by phone at 02070969982.


Each locksmith in our crew has many years of experience in the field of an emergency door opening without damage. 24 hour emergency locksmith is armed not only with knowledge, skills and abilities but also with modern equipment and tools that allow completion of work, as accurately and efficiently as possible. Efficiency and quality are the main guiding principles of out of hours locksmith. The emergency gain of entry is a procedure that requires a high degree of skill, responsibility and care. We strive to leave each client fully satisfied with our locksmith services:
  • Locksmith will respond to a call at any time of the day; we open doors around the clock at affordable rates.
  • The ETA of 24 hr locksmith London averages 25 minutes (the time of arrival depends on the place of stay of the client).
  • 24 hr locksmith near me can open doors from all materials, regardless of the type and complexity of the locks.
  • All types of emergency work are backed by a guarantee.
  • 24 hour locksmith near me works carefully – neither doors nor locking devices will be damaged; the possibility of scratches, breakages, distortions and other defects is excluded.
  • Emergency locksmith near me selects the best tools and equipment depending on the specific situation.
  • Locksmith near me 24 hours carries out the opening of the apartment only in the presence of the customer.
The emergency locksmith will open your doors with the highest quality, at a high professional level. If necessary, you will be offered to repair or replace the lock. If the emergency door opening was necessary due to a broken lock, and the locking device needs to be removed for repair, it will subsequently be put back in place. 24 locksmith near me guarantees that emergency opening will not cause any damage. The skills of a 24 hr locksmith and the best equipment allow for the non-destructive gain of entry.
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  • 24 hour locksmith opens any doors – garages, offices, apartments, cars and so on.
  • Professionalism of the emergency locksmith near me allows to easily open metal, wooden and uPVC doors from any manufacturer.
  • You can count on the highest quality emergency door opening without damage.
  • All parts and products that the specialist of emergency locksmith service uses come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Upon completion of the work, the locksmith will provide all the necessary recommendations.
  • If necessary, 24 hr locksmith near me will replace, repair or reprogram the door lock on the same visit.
  • 24 hour locksmith near me can restore the keys to the lock, even if the last key is lost.
Emergency locksmith London is capable of opening all types of doors, including uPVC and steel. If the door is armoured and made of high-strength metal, it will not stop our emergency locksmith, and the door, whatever it may be, will not suffer at all during the work of a specialist. If you need emergency door opening services in London, contact us without delay. Do not kick down doors or try to enter the room through a window (this practice is quite common). Neither one nor the other method will lead to anything good and can be dangerous to life and health, not to mention the breakage of doors and locks. Why go for drastic measures if our locksmith crew opens doors around the clock and offers many related emergency services? Just one call – and out of hours locksmith will come to your aid. The service will be of the highest class, very professional and fast. We are ready to help you at any time!


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The trouble in the form of a broken lock can happen to each of us. As practice shows, the lock malfunctions at the most inopportune time, and the problem needs to be solved fast. In addition, do not underestimate the safety of your property: if the locking device has been working inadequately for some time, you should not postpone its repair indefinitely. Locksmith emergency experts do not recommend trying to fix the device yourself, let alone opening the door by force. Such actions will make it impossible to repair the lock, and the door and doorway will be damaged, which will lead to high financial costs. It is much easier to contact a professional locksmith who will give your lock a second life and keep the door intact. We repair car and door locks of any model and type, regardless of the specifics of the breakdown and the complexity of the device.


Of course, we understand that for any doors, replacement and repair of the lock must be of high quality and reliable so that the unpleasant situation does not repeat itself. That is why a conscientious approach to work is vital for high-quality service. In order to be able to quickly help each client, locksmith emergency London works around the clock, 365 days a year. Our main principle is that the repair of locks in general and each of its stages, in particular, comply with technical rules, requirements and standards. In other words, all work is carried out on the basis of the manufacturer’s standards and instructions. We provide guarantees for all types of work and are confident in the quality of our locksmith services due to the professionalism of our employees. Each locksmith has all the necessary skills, knowledge and is well versed in many types and locks’ brands. To receive qualified, prompt and high-quality assistance in repairing the lock, its subsequent installation or replacement, please contact our service at 442030267902.


The exact cost of emergency door opening service is determined by the specialist after on-site diagnostics, based on the following factors:
  • Type of locking device. Door locks differ in design and the level of burglary resistance. Although the general principles for working with locks are similar, there are many features that can affect the course of work.
  • The reason for the malfunction. Cylinder breakage, jammed lock, broken key - all this directly affects the complexity of the work. Opening a serviceable lock and a door with a damaged deadbolt are completely different tasks.
  • The presence of additional protection on the door. The list includes manganese alloy armour plates, protective curtains, additional lock pockets, etc.
  • Call time. At night, there is an extra charge of X pounds for urgent locksmith call out.
Each member of our 24 hour emergency locksmith London team is a highly qualified specialist in the field of the damage-free door opening. We try to make our pricing policy as clear and transparent as possible. Customers can count on our professionalism for the provision of services in accordance with established industry standards. Over the past 12 years in business, we’ve had the privilege to assist thousands of local customers in lockout emergencies. Mobile units staged across the city on 24/7 duty allow for fast response time. Locksmith near me 24 hours is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. 02070969982

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Keep in time and give you good advice and very friendly ???? and fair price

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Amazing customer service, genuine regard for customer care and going above and beyond to solve any lock related issues

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Helped me access my property today and I couldn’t be happier with their service. He was at the property within 30 minutes and was very friendly and funny. He was able to gain access to the property almost instantly, completely fixing the problem within about 10 minutes. The price was fair and completely transparent. I have saved his number as my go to locksmith. Thank you!