Emergency door opening service is extremely popular, including in London and the surrounding areas. This is not surprising, since situations are different, and each of us can face a lock-related emergency. You may need to contact 24 hr locksmith near me due to the following reasons:

  • A jammed or broken lock.
  • Doors that are out of alignment.
  • A fragment of the key stuck in the cylinder.
  • Frozen mechanisms.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Lost or stolen keys.

The above are the most common reasons for calling an emergency locksmith. To them one can add another rather common situation: door opening urgently needs to be done by a qualified locksmith when a child or an elderly has locked himself from the inside, while adults have left the apartment for a few minutes (for example, to accompany guests). Children and old people are not always aware of the consequences and, having closed the door, often cannot open it. This is a dangerous situation, and the emergency opening of doors carried out by an experienced out of hours locksmith is vital in such cases.


Our locksmith crew covers Enfield, Croydon, Bromley, Harrow, Kingston and other areas of outer London. Locksmith experts do not recommend trying to cope with the lockout emergency on your own. Firstly, rash actions can only harm both the door and the lock, which will entail additional unnecessary troubles and financial costs. Secondly, the opening of doors with the help of improvised means does not always bring the desired results. You will only waste your time, not to mention a waste of energy and nerves.

If you face a lockout emergency, you should not panic, get upset and angry. Stay calm and just call our locksmith company for a non-destructive gain of entry. Emergency locksmith near me specializes in the emergency opening of doors, regardless of the complexity of the lock and the material from which the door and frame are made.

Our emergency locksmith service is available around the clock and provided at the most affordable prices. Of course, 24 hour locksmith near me understands that an annoying nuisance when there is no way to open the door, and an emergency opening is required can happen to any person, regardless of his financial situation. Our locksmith company strives to provide everyone with qualified assistance in an emergency regardless of the financial component. Therefore, the cost of our emergency services is affordable for most residents of London. An urgent locksmith can be reached by phone at 02030267902.


Each locksmith in our crew has many years of experience in the field of an emergency door opening without damage. 24 hour emergency locksmith is armed not only with knowledge, skills and abilities but also with modern equipment and tools that allow completion of work, as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Efficiency and quality are the main guiding principles of out of hours locksmith. The emergency gain of entry is a procedure that requires a high degree of skill, responsibility and care. We strive to leave each client fully satisfied with our locksmith services:

  • Locksmith will respond to a call at any time of the day; we open doors around the clock at affordable rates.
  • The ETA of 24 hr locksmith London averages 25 minutes (the time of arrival depends on the place of stay of the client).
  • 24 hr locksmith near me can open doors from all materials, regardless of the type and complexity of the locks.
  • All types of emergency work are backed by a guarantee.
  • 24 hour locksmith near me works carefully – neither doors nor locking devices will be damaged; the possibility of scratches, breakages, distortions and other defects is excluded.
  • Emergency locksmith near me selects the best tools and equipment depending on the specific situation.
  • Locksmith near me 24 hours carries out the opening of the apartment only in the presence of the customer.

The emergency locksmith will open your doors with the highest quality, at a high professional level. If necessary, you will be offered to repair or replace the lock. If the emergency door opening was necessary due to a broken lock, and the locking device needs to be removed for repair, it will subsequently be put back in place. 24 locksmith near me guarantees that emergency opening will not cause any damage. The skills of a 24 hr locksmith and the best equipment allow for the non-destructive gain of entry.


  • 24 hour locksmith opens any doors – garages, offices, apartments, cars and so on.
  • Professionalism of the emergency locksmith near me allows to easily open metal, wooden and uPVC doors from any manufacturer.
  • You can count on the highest quality emergency door opening without damage.
  • All parts and products that the specialist of emergency locksmith service uses come with a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Upon completion of the work, the locksmith will provide all the necessary recommendations.
  • If necessary, 24 hr locksmith near me will replace, repair or reprogram the door lock on the same visit.
  • 24 hour locksmith near me can restore the keys to the lock, even if the last key is lost.

Emergency locksmith London is capable of opening all types of doors, including uPVC and steel. If the door is armoured and made of high-strength metal, it will not stop our emergency locksmith, and the door, whatever it may be, will not suffer at all during the work of a specialist. If you need emergency door opening services in London, contact us without delay.

Do not kick down doors or try to enter the room through a window (this practice is quite common). Neither one nor the other method will lead to anything good and can be dangerous to life and health, not to mention the breakage of doors and locks. Why go for drastic measures if our locksmith crew opens doors around the clock and offers many related emergency services? Just one call – and out of hours locksmith will come to your aid. The service will be of the highest class, very professional and fast. We are ready to help you at any time!


The trouble in the form of a broken lock can happen to each of us. As practice shows, the lock malfunctions at the most inopportune time, and the problem needs to be solved fast. In addition, do not underestimate the safety of your property: if the locking device has been working inadequately for some time, you should not postpone its repair indefinitely.

Locksmith emergency experts do not recommend trying to fix the device yourself, let alone opening the door by force. Such actions will make it impossible to repair the lock, and the door and doorway will be damaged, which will lead to high financial costs. It is much easier to contact a professional locksmith who will give your lock a second life and keep the door intact. We repair car and door locks of any model and type, regardless of the specifics of the breakdown and the complexity of the device.


Of course, we understand that for any doors, replacement and repair of the lock must be of high quality and reliable so that the unpleasant situation does not repeat itself. That is why a conscientious approach to work is vital for high-quality service. In order to be able to quickly help each client, locksmith emergency London works around the clock, 365 days a year.

Our main principle is that the repair of locks in general and each of its stages, in particular, comply with technical rules, requirements and standards. In other words, all work is carried out on the basis of the manufacturer’s standards and instructions. We provide guarantees for all types of work and are confident in the quality of our locksmith services due to the professionalism of our employees. Each locksmith has all the necessary skills, knowledge and is well versed in many types and locks’ brands. To receive qualified, prompt and high-quality assistance in repairing the lock, its subsequent installation or replacement, please contact our service at 442030267902.


The exact cost of emergency door opening service is determined by the specialist after on-site diagnostics, based on the following factors:

  • Type of locking device. Door locks differ in design and the level of burglary resistance. Although the general principles for working with locks are similar, there are many features that can affect the course of work.
  • The reason for the malfunction. Cylinder breakage, jammed lock, broken key – all this directly affects the complexity of the work. Opening a serviceable lock and a door with a damaged deadbolt are completely different tasks.
  • The presence of additional protection on the door. The list includes manganese alloy armour plates, protective curtains, additional lock pockets, etc.
  • Call time. At night, there is an extra charge of X pounds for urgent locksmith call out.

Each member of our 24 hour emergency locksmith London team is a highly qualified specialist in the field of the damage-free door opening. We try to make our pricing policy as clear and transparent as possible. Customers can count on our professionalism for the provision of services in accordance with established industry standards. Over the past 12 years in business, we’ve had the privilege to assist thousands of local customers in lockout emergencies. Mobile units staged across the city on 24/7 duty allow for fast response time. Locksmith near me 24 hours is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. 02030267902

Call 02030267902 for lock change & replacement in all types of doors

Currently, doors are presented in a wide variety of types – in terms of construction, design and materials of manufacture. The range of locks is no less large and includes many functional, reliable devices of different types. But no matter the quality of the lock, problems with them can’t be avoided. The lock can fail without the possibility of recovery, and in this case, lock change will be required. In addition, many people want to replace the old lock with a more modern and reliable model, or fit locks in new doors.

Lock change is a demanded service. This is due to the fact that an increasing number of people prefer to entrust such work to professionals, so as not to worry about the possible risks of damaging the door or installing locks incorrectly. Many simply do not have the opportunity to change the mechanism due to lack of time, especially since such work is not as simple as it might seem.

Our locksmith crew covers central London as well as outer areas: Harrow, Enfield, Bromley, Croydon and others. The specialists of our company offer high-quality and inexpensive services for the installation of locks on all types of doors. Lock change is performed for entrance and interior metal, wooden, steel, armoured, plastic doors of any design, as well as for car doors. All installation work is carried out quickly, efficiently and professionally.


In case of malfunctions of a lock in the front door, it must be quickly repaired or replaced due to security issues. We are ready to promptly change even the most complex, high-security mechanisms. To resolve the situation as quickly as possible, just contact us by phone or submit an appropriate application. After specifying the time, address, and other necessary details, the locksmith immediately leaves for the site.

The lock will be replaced with a new one, while the customer can either offer his own locks or use one from our wide selection of lock models. We can deliver the highest quality locks from the best manufacturers, with guarantees and certificates, and for each specific case, a specialist will advise the best option for the lock. The advantages of working with us are as follows:

  • We change, repair and install locks on all types of doors (entrance and interior), from any materials, including car locks;
  • If necessary, an emergency replacement of locks can be made;
  • We work around the clock, so you can contact us at any time to change locks;
  • We promptly respond to the call and arrive at the specified address at exactly the agreed time;
  • We offer our lock models for installation;
  • Locks we have are only of the highest quality, confirmed by appropriate certificates;
  • We provide guarantees for all types of work, free consultations and recommendations regarding the operation of locks;
  • When it is necessary to change the mechanism, the most optimal version of the lock is selected for each specific case;
  • All lock change orders are executed as quickly as possible, professionally and accurately, so the probability of damaging the door locks or installing the lock incorrectly is completely excluded.
  • Most importantly, any lock service from our company won’t cost you a fortune. This is fundamental for us, as we strive to ensure that our help can be affordable to everyone who needs it.


Metal doors are quite popular nowadays. They not only look aesthetically attractive but also perfectly protect the premises from burglary given that you have a reliable lock that comes with it. For one reason or another (a broken lock, lost or stolen key and so on), it may be necessary to replace the locks in the metal door, and if so, our masters are always ready to secure your property by installing a high-security lock.

Replacement of locks in a metal door is carried out by selecting a similar or better lock model. At the request of the client, multiple locks can be installed on the door. In this case, our locksmith will choose the lock models that will match the features of the door. If the customer offers his lock, an experienced specialist will carry out all the necessary work so that it is installed in the iron door as efficiently as possible, even if the size of the new lock is different. However, we recommend choosing locks for a metal door after consulting with our master, who will accurately determine which locks will ideally fit into the door. The specialist will quickly select and install the desired lock even if you require an emergency change of mechanisms.

Obviously, change of accessories and complex locks in a metal door is a job for professionals who have all the necessary knowledge, skills, as well as modern equipment and tools for such work. The lock must be selected taking into account the thickness of the door. The insertion site of locks is determined by the manufactures of metal doors at the beginning of production, and in this regard, the doors are sold with already installed locks. You will have to either select another lock model or rework the door if the new mechanism is of a different size than the original lock. A qualified specialist will change your locking devices with a full guarantee of adequate protection.

Not a single front door of a residential building or apartment can do without locks; they are mounted on the doors of offices and garages, warehouses, industrial premises, and so on. In order for the lock to perform its functions efficiently, for a long time and effectively, it is necessary not only to properly care for it but also to install it correctly. Installing locks on a door is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Especially if the door is metal, steel or armoured, and the locking device is modern and sophisticated. One way or another, but such work should be entrusted to specialists.


We are in direct partnerships with several leading lock manufacturers allowing us to keep our service prices at the lowest possible level. Our company tries to make sure that the services are affordable to as many people as possible. You may want to give us a call when:

  • The old lock is broken and cannot be restored. In such a situation, the locksmith will offer an alternative version of the mechanism that is ideal for a particular door;
  • It is required to install a locking mechanism on a new door. Our specialist will either offer to choose a product or install a device provided by the client;
  • It is necessary to replace the existing device with a more modern and secure model.

We offer our customers exceptionally high-quality, functional, new locks of any type from the most famous manufacturers. Moreover, the purchase and installation of locking mechanisms on the door won’t entail high financial costs. Installation of door mechanisms, which is carried out by our craftsmen, is subject to three main rules, which we consider to be priority:

  • Quality;
  • Reliability;
  • Individual approach.

The above means that the installation of locking mechanisms and any other work, for example, repairs, etc., are guaranteed to be carried out with the highest quality, in accordance with all technological requirements and as quickly as possible. Installation of locks on a door, including iron structures, is always performed in strict accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the device manufacturer.

What should you do if you are locked out of house and need to gain entry?

When you are locked out of the house or unable to leave your home due to problems with door locks or keys, the best option is to contact lock picking service; customers can call our service around the clock at 020 3985 6060. We will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. By turning to our local company for assistance, you can be sure that you are dealing with qualified and experienced personnel in the field of opening door locks and repairing locking products.


Over the past 12 years, thousands of local customers have turned to our service for help with a lockout emergency. Many of them have noted the indisputable benefits of choosing our service:

  • The qualifications of employees allow opening any lock in the shortest possible time. They work with all types of locking devices, including those of the highest burglary resistance class.
  • Locksmith uses professional tools and devices that allow gaining entry for locked out residents of London without damaging the door. In many cases, it is possible to open the door and keep the lock in working order.
  • You may find yourself locked out of a house at any time, so our service is available around the clock.


Locks on front doors are a part of our daily life, whether we remember it or not. They protect properties 24 hours a day, without maintenance, often under adverse conditions. Natural wear is inevitable and leads to malfunctions of a locking mechanism which may prevent you from entering the premises.

Any locking device, even the most reliable and high-tech, sooner or later wears out and breaks. Then an emergency opening of the door lock is carried out, which consists of drilling out the cylinder and installing a new mechanism. Before the replacement is performed, the model of a new lock, the amount of work, and sometimes a number of additional manipulations to repair the door and frame, are all agreed with the locked out customer.

Our locksmith crew performs the opening of all types of locks: cylinder, disc, lever, coded, etc. We know the structural nuances of models of all leading brands in Europe, carrying out their opening in a short time and providing a guarantee for the service provided. The emergency opening is usually completed without damaging the locking device, but sometimes, it has to be drilled out in order to assist a locked out resident.


We managed to form a team of professionals that are ready to work in any conditions, on tasks of any complexity. We offer:

  • Round-the-clock opening of locked doors from any manufacturer, seven days a week, including holidays.
  • The most accurate execution of orders. The possibility of damage to the door structure and paintwork is excluded.
  • Fast response; the arrival time of the locksmith from the moment of the call does not exceed 30 minutes.
  • We guarantee the safety of the contents of the dwelling, car interior or safe, as well as full confidentiality.
  • We open doors without making unnecessary noise, and won’t leave any mess behind for you to clean up.


In the emergency opening of door locks, the accuracy of information obtained from the client is of decisive importance; the type of door lock, the presence and location of keys, the events that precede the problem. Such details facilitate the service provision process allowing us to come with a set of all the necessary tools and components, open mechanisms in a short time without any negative consequences. Our local team has extensive experience and will professionally serve any door.

The promptness of our response to an emergency is greatly influenced by the accurately indicated address of the apartment or house. While the operator finds out the details, the call goes to the nearest locksmith, and he goes to the designated place. It is better if you accurately state the entrance of the house, and if the premises are protected by an intercom, provide the code combination in advance so that the master can proceed with the provision of service without delay.

As a result, our locksmith will have full information about the incident, which significantly reduces the time spent on eliminating its consequences. Please remember, in some cases, documentary or other confirmation of the ownership, the presence of neighbours or a district police officer is required. We serve all areas of London. You can find out if the master’s call out to your place is possible by calling the phone number indicated on the website.


There is hardly any car owner who has never been locked out. Keys, documents, money and other valuables can remain inside the cabin. Put aside stone and brick, especially since breaking the glass of a modern car is not so easy. Entrust the car opening to local locksmiths; professionals who know all the intricacies of the locking mechanisms.

Attempts to gain entry to a locked car without qualified assistance most often result in damage to windows, doors, locking systems or paintwork. Fortunately, you can open a door without a key by ordering a professional lock opening service with our auto locksmith crew on convenient terms – quick check-out, low prices, a guarantee for the service provided.


When working with models of cars of previous years, a thin metal strip is used, which is inserted between the window and the door body, performing the release of the lock and unlocking the door. Modern brands have built-in protection against opening car locks with such a tool; therefore, long thin steel rods are used, rigid or flexible. They can be with a loop for gripping handles or locking buttons. This is how an emergency opening of the lock is performed without damaging the paintwork and body elements, followed by adjusting or disabling the anti-theft system. Such delicate devices will leave the surface and other parts of the car without damage; we never use any vandal measures.


Our dispatch centre processes orders 24 hours a day; specialists can open a car inexpensively under any climatic conditions. Our service guarantees the following:

  • Arrival of a specialist for emergency opening of a car within 30 minutes.
  • Acceptance of payment for the performed work on the spot.
  • Complete confidentiality.

If you decide to use an inexpensive opening of locked car doors, contact our dispatch centre by phone or leave a request on the website. A locksmith will arrive within 30 minutes and gain access to the car’s cabin preserving the integrity of the body, lock and paintwork.


The final price of the car opening service is added up taking into account several details, such as the make and year of manufacture of the car, remoteness of the specified address, the complexity of the job and component costs. It is clear that opening the locks of luxury cars will cost more than for other models since the designs of advanced locking mechanisms are quite complex and require very delicate work.

Our manager will be happy to provide you with any information regarding the emergency opening of a car and the price of each type of work. If you have any questions, call our local team at 02030267902 and get comprehensive information on how to cheaply order a car opening and get pleasant bonuses.


A modern car is a big investment. Its maintenance requires a lot of experience and careful handling. Contacting local experts in car locks and security systems is the safest and most reliable way to quickly gain access without damage. Using a set of tools and electronic equipment, an experienced auto locksmith can cope with any anti-theft systems, ensuring the integrity of a body, cabin, paintwork and lock on the driver’s door.

The employees have extensive experience and know how to open standard auto locks or elite locking devices with a billion secret combinations in London without damage. We work around the clock; a locksmith near you is ready to drive out at any time of the day or night, for the provision of a professional service.

Contact our dispatcher at the specified phone number or order an emergency car opening on our website, specifying the necessary information. First of all, we ask you to describe the situation, indicate the brand and year of production of the car, the license plate and the address where the specialist must arrive. Keep in mind, the final cost of the work is determined after inspecting the locking device and identifying all faults.


We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, specifically so that you do not have to wait at the door unable to enter your property. Door openers have received special training and have the necessary tools for all types of locks. Both old and new designs. For example, steel doors are designed so that the leaf overlaps the existing gap between the frame and the door itself. Without practical skills, it is impossible to get to the lock. In order to open steel doors, we use specialized tools that allow for a damage-free gain of entry to a locked property.

The main difference between us and other local companies is the accuracy and care for customer’s property. If required, we will repair the door cheaply and provide advice on which lock to choose for a replacement. Turning to the services of dubious companies, prepare for the fact that you will have to pay for a new lock installation and door repairs. On our side, we guarantee the performance of work up to the best standards in the industry.

Our locksmith team has been assisting locked out residents for more than 10 years. We have accumulated rich practical experience in opening locks and knowledge about the nuances of their operation. The locksmiths use professional-grade tools for opening locks on metal doors. The emergency opening is carried out as quickly and accurately as possible. After opening the front door, we can replace the broken lock that caused the problem. At your request, we will examine the structure, give recommendations for improving the security of the property and install the necessary hardware for door locks on the entrance external doors. Local locksmiths are available for call out 24 hours a day.

A safe is often a necessity for an organization, as well as for individuals. Valuables, documents and weapons can be kept secure behind a reliable lock. Manufacturers strive to improve their products by fitting high-tech locks, so loss of a key or malfunction of a mechanism may seem like a serious problem. However, the solution is quite realistic with the help of our safe opening experts. If the lock is broken and you need to open the safe without further damage, please call our 24 hour service. We are based in London, and offer quick assistance to customers in emergencies.


Most safes have sophisticated locking mechanisms, so it is recommended that you refrain from trying to gain access yourself without the necessary qualifications and tools; there is a high probability of damaging the lock and complicating the task for a specialist. Unqualified intervention can make non-destructive safe opening impossible, thus increasing the costs. As a rule, something valuable is stored in the safe, and therefore, you should not trust the emergency opening to masters from a little-known company.

It is important to open the safe without damaging the lock, keep the valuables intact and avoid becoming an object of attention for fraudsters. Turning to dubious companies, as well as to private craftsmen for safe opening, you are much more at risk of getting low-quality services. We have been assisting customers since 2012 and can help you open the safe of any security class. In case you are wondering how to open a safe after the loss of keys, the answer is simple – CALL OUR LOCAL LOCKSMITH COMPANY. You can rely on our expertise for the damage-free opening of the most advanced locking devices.


  • Our prices for opening safes are lower than those of our competitors. We are professional locksmiths and do not resell the services for a percentage to another companies. That alone is a saving of 50% of the cost of work.
  • We have own workshop for making keys, and in some cases, arrive at the place of call with a ready-made set of keys, thereby saving you time.
  • We cooperate with various organizations. Locksmith candidates pass background checks prior to being hired. You can trust us in any matter related to the safety of your property.
  • The cost of work for emergency opening of the safe is always agreed with the customer by phone.
  • We discuss the work plan in advance and warn about the possible damage that may occur during the opening of the safe. In each case, we strive to carry out the work with non to minimal damage to the customer’s property.
  • Locksmiths have the knowledge and tools to reset electronic locks on-site (zeroing is resetting the lock settings to factory settings, for the possibility of further reprogramming), thus, saving the customer’s time and money.
  • We work officially, in strict compliance with the current UK laws.

If you need to open a safe in London, make new keys to the safe or a duplicate key, recode or change the lock, you can request our service by calling the unified dispatch centre at 02030267902 or by submitting an online callback form on this website. In the case of an online application, our representative will contact you in a matter of minutes. We work with all brands of safes including Diplomat, Aiko, Valberg, Bioinjector, Safeguard, Safetronics and many others. The cost is calculated individually in each case, based on the model of the safe and cause of breakdown. Services for emergency opening of safes are widely advertised on the Internet, but there are only a few good specialists. Call us, trust the professionals.


  1. Customer’s request

Contact us by phone or email.

  1. Arrival of a specialist

The arrival time averages 20 minutes.

  1. Diagnostics

Job details are agreed upon with the customer.

  1. Work completion

Most tasks are completed in one visit.


Over the years in business, we have built a reputation as a reliable locksmith company and always deliver on our promises.

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

In case there is an issue with the newly installed or repaired locking device, the specialist will come back and eliminate the fault, free of charge.

  • Products Quality Assurance

For your peace of mind, our products come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are always ready to fulfil our obligations.


Q: How do I find a reliable specialist near me?

A: Please call our hotline at 02030267902.


Q: How much does it cost to open the safe?

A: The cost depends on the complexity of the work.


Q: Will I have to change safe locks after the emergency opening?

A: No, you won’t. We use non-destructive safe opening methods.


Q: How can I pay?

Q: We accept payments in cash, with a credit card and by bank transfer.


Q: What are your service hours?

A: The services are provided 24 hours a day.


Q: How quickly can you arrive?

Q: Locksmith’s arrival time in London averages 20 minutes.


Professional-grade tools, relevant education, practical skills and vast experience allow us to offer customers a high-quality repair service at affordable prices. A fully equipped locksmith will eliminate the consequences of hacking and restore the protective functions of your front door. Thanks to our expertise, hacking the locking device again will be a challenge even for the most tech-savvy burglar. Call us today, and we will give you back confidence in the security and safety of your premises.


We are your local “go-to” team of experts in matters related to installation, replacement, opening and repair of locking devices of any security class, model and modification. Experienced locksmiths can restore the correct functionality of the front door lock, providing all the necessary conditions for its further trouble-free operation. The choice of professional repair service will allow you to solve a lock-related problem quickly without worries about the quality of work. By giving preference to our repair after hacking company, clients get the opportunity to eliminate the consequences of hacking by ordering the installation, replacement or restoration of a lock on favourable terms. Our experience and use of professional equipment guarantee excellent results!

No matter the manufacturer and price tag, the components of the locking device wear out over time; that’s when we come into play. As property protection is a matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly, it is in your best interests to entrust the work with door locks to professional locksmiths. Our company employs competent specialists who can carry out high-tech lock’s repair after hacking of any complexity. Locksmiths have vast experience in dealing with various security systems and are ready to drive out to the site 24 hours a day. If you need to repair your locks, then it’s time to contact our company. We keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry in order to offer our customers the most optimal and up-to-date hacking solutions.


  1. – 24/7 availability
  2. – Full range of services
  3. – Provision of guarantees
  4. – Fast response and arrival
  5. – Fair pricing policy
  6. – Professionalism

We answer calls promptly and take on tasks of any complexity. The client does not have to disassemble the mechanism and bring it to the workshop. The locksmiths carry out all work with the locks directly on site. If it is possible to fix a faulty locking mechanism on the spot, we will do it. Otherwise, we will remove the lock, transport it to the workshop and deliver it back to the owner after repairs. Only highly qualified locksmiths carry out the restoration of door locks. We always have at hand modern equipment, tools and consumables that speed up the work process, and allow us to solve malfunctions of varying complexity effectively.

If you are experiencing problems with an electromagnetic lock due to hacking, do not waste precious time, contact our company for help. We can bring the locking mechanisms on the doors back to life. Specialists with extensive experience competently perform disassembly, diagnostics, as well as detection of damage to the lock. Electromagnetic and combination locks, as well as other locking mechanisms, need a professional approach. Call the number indicated on the website and describe your situation. The locksmith will arrive at the destination to deal with the problem within a few minutes. Our repair service is inexpensive, and you will save money on the purchase of a new mechanism.

Our commercial locksmith company ensures the professional development of each employee for delivering the best business solutions to our customers. We try to create comfortable conditions both in terms of ordering our locksmith services and purchasing commercial lock products, as well as in terms of payment or entering into a mutually beneficial agreement. Give us a call for detailed information on our range of commercial locksmith services. A good quality commercial lock installed or repaired by a professional locksmith guarantees the safety of business premises.


You can call our locksmith team for the installation and maintenance of commercial door locks. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a conventional model or a whole system of defence mechanisms for your business. Londoncity Locksmith crew is highly qualified and works with all types of locking devices designed for use on business premises. Services are tailored to meet individual needs. The commercial lock replacement may be required due to the following reasons:

  • – Loss of a key to business premises.
  • – Deterioration of the commercial locking mechanism.
  • – Failure to carry out preventative maintenance of locks in business premises.
  • – Jamming of a commercial locking mechanism.

Locksmith always makes a preliminary assessment of the locking mechanism’s wear to determine services cost. Our locksmith rates for commercial customers are transparent and reasonable. Services are guaranteed for up to 3 years. Londoncity Locksmith works with both individuals and business owners. For our clients’ convenience, the commercial locksmith is available around the clock, including at weekends and holidays. You can rely on our services at any time.


In large commercial buildings, there are tend to be difficulties with tracking the process of arrival and departure of the employees, movements on the territory of workers and visitors. It has been established that installing an access control system at commercial objects increases the efficiency of work and business discipline. Our locksmith crew offers clients high-quality commercial equipment from the best brands for securing business premises. After Londoncity Locksmith carries out a comprehensive check and customizes the system for the specific business needs, you will be able to fully use all the services that an access control system can provide.

Each employee at the commercial object must have a personal electronic key. The electronic system automatically monitors the time and trajectories of movements in business premises, records the passage through the main entrance and reflects all the information in a special event log, based on the results of which it is possible to generate the necessary reports. It allows you to enter a group and individual settings for specific services, work in tandem with a video recording of events and centrally manage the entrance’s operation.

ACS prevents unauthorized entry, automates personnel and time records, facilitates the services, and provides means for controlling employees’ activities at business. Our commercial locksmith company offers services for the implementation of access control systems, their maintenance, as well as services for the repair of both the included components and the commercial system as a whole.


If the commercial lock is broken, every minute counts. Circumstances are different. A lot depends on the efficiency of the locksmith. The safety of commercial property, employees at the business, important documentation and expensive equipment can be in danger due to a lock-related emergency. Our locksmith team appreciates your time and is ready to repair the lock at your business immediately after registering the application for services, with a guarantee of the result.

You can attempt to repair the commercial lock yourself. But is it really worth it to save the money on professional locksmith services putting your business at risk? Amateur intervention in commercial systems can cause damage which will lead to increased services cost for the business owner. That’s why you should entrust the task of securing commercial property to a professional locksmith.

Our commercial locksmith crew offers qualified assistance in the repair of locks in business wooden, glass, plastic, metal (including armoured) doors. Locksmith carries out prompt repair of commercial locks of any complexity, replacement of cylinders, as well as the emergency opening of business door locks. Locksmith call out is available 24 hours a day.


Do you need to open the door leading to business premises quickly at an affordable price? Call our commercial masters for qualified services. Do not experiment in any way and try to open the commercial lock yourself if it does not yield. You can only complicate matters by breaking the key or damaging the lock. Remember, a specially trained locksmith from our emergency services can take care of the problem with minimal losses for your business. He will make every effort to save the commercial lock by providing services in accordance with the established industry standards.

The emergency gain of entry to a commercial object should be entrusted to a locksmith with extensive experience regardless of the door type (wooden or metal, exterior or interior). Our company employs locksmith professionals, whose experience in the provision of emergency services has long stepped over the mark of five years. Each Londoncity Locksmith is a true pro in locking devices and security systems. Our locksmith team’s practical experience is a guarantee that emergency door opening will take place without damage, quickly and quietly. It takes about 30 minutes from the call to the arrival of a locksmith for the provision of services. Turning to the assistance of a qualified locksmith, you invest in personal safety and the safety of your loved ones.


  • Constant monitoring of competitors gives you the lowest prices. Payment upon completion of work.
  • All the work is completed in one visit of the locksmith on the day you contact us.
  • Extensive experience of the company’s commercial specialists ensures high-quality work performance.
  • Each locksmith in our crew is certified and equipped with specialized tools.


Our locksmith services Bellingham company brings together professionals. The specialists have invaluable experience in replacing door locks of various types. Commercial locksmith Bellingham is well versed in the intricacies of the operation of door locks of any type. We offer a choice of locks of different price categories with a degree of security from 1 to 4 classes that will keep your Bellingham property safe.


Firstly, replacement of locks and other types of repair work should be carried out by qualified specialists with extensive experience in dealing with commercial security systems. Secondly, work with modern residential locking devices requires the availability of professional-grade tools and high-quality spare parts. Commercial locksmith Bellingham offers recoding of locks Cisa, Mottura and other brands with the function of recoding the lock to a new set of keys. Commercial locksmiths provide you with a new set of keys in an individually sealed package.

If required, the emergency gain of entry to a locked Bellingham property will be performed in your presence. You can buy sets of keys to Cisa locks from us. We install additional protection against burglary on door locks, and also provide residential services such as inserting locks into a new location, replacing old locks with or without reworking the mounting holes. Locksmith services Bellingham specialists carry out preventive maintenance of mechanisms, install night latches, change key cylinders. If you have lost the keys to an apartment, house, office, garage, etc., or made repairs and you need to change the keys after the construction crew, leave a request on our website or call us at 02030267902.


Are you interested in a reliable and affordable installation of locks in a door with the locksmith call out? By contacting us, you give preference to competent commercial specialists and make a rational decision! The installation of locks, especially with the front door’s disassembly, is a rather complicated procedure. Still, our accumulated experience allows us to install them without damaging the door and other details. Many clients fear that after installing the door lock, the residential master will leave a duplicate key for himself. We assure you right away that all locks (except some budget models) are delivered with sealed keys, in opaque protective packaging, which the customer opens himself!

Many customers try to independently install a lock in a metal door with vertical rods, without taking into account the design of the locking mechanisms, the type of door and the subtleties that are important to observe. Such attempts usually end in various breakdowns of either the lock itself or the door hardware. A professional locksmith with many years of experience can choose the right model and install the lock on the door of your Bellingham home or office in just 1 hour. By contacting our locksmith crew, you will save yourself from wasting time and further investments.


Our commercial locksmith Bellingham company offers repair of locks of any complexity and brand. Experienced locksmiths are ready to come as quickly as possible and repair the lock of an entrance metal or interior door in residential properties. If the locking mechanism breaks down, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a new lock for your residential object. A professional repair will allow you to restore the working capacity of the locking mechanism; we guarantee, the device will work properly for a long time. It is worth submitting an application for repair without delay if you notice the signs of damage. It is much easier to fix the lock at the initial stage of breakdown than to wait until the lock structure is completely jammed and you cannot open or close the door.

Repairing a door lock involves opening and disassembling the device. In some cases, the breakage may not refer to the elements of the lock, but the distortion of the frame or the sagging of the door. In this position, additional stress is placed on the latch and cylinders, which leads to malfunctions. Call locksmith services Bellingham for a partial or complete repair of locks; the price depends on the quality of the manufacturer’s components. If we compare the original Italian models and Chinese counterparts, then the choice is obvious! As you might have already guessed, cheap doesn’t always mean better when it comes to locking devices and security systems. If you want to ensure personal safety and the safety of your loved ones, we recommend contacting our residential specialists for selecting and installing the door lock which meets your security requirements the best.


If you are having difficulty unlocking the door to commercial premises, do not use brute force. The use of improvised means and forceful actions can lead to negative results. Subsequently, the lock may permanently fail, and then you will have to spend more money on correcting the situation. To save money, as well as time and effort, call commercial locksmith Bellingham immediately. Commercial locksmiths can help you if the key does not turn or there is a foreign object in the keyhole. Locksmith services Bellingham has a large staff; someone is always available which guarantees a quick response to emergencies. In most cases, specialists are able to gain entry to residential property without damage. Residential locksmiths ensure adequate protection of premises at all stages of work. Your door and frame will not be damaged in any way. There will be no signs of recent intervention after the work of locksmith services Bellingham specialists in the form of scratches, dents and marks on the door.

There are many companies on the Internet that offer emergency opening services in Bellingham. But not all market participants can offer quality services. Unfortunately, some employees do not have a sufficiently high qualification. Trusting them with an expensive door lock, you risk spending money on repairs. Below the market prices on the company’s website are an alarming factor. Some unscrupulous companies lure customers with low prices, but after an on-site visual inspection of the lock, the locksmiths announce a completely different cost of work. In order to get the best commercial service, follow these recommendations:

  • Find out how long the company has been operating.
  • Read reviews on the Internet, preferably on an independent site.
  • Ask for a preliminary consultation, informing about the broken lock (brand, model); if you are refused to give detailed information, it is better to look for another commercial locksmith Bellingham.
  • Ignore websites with suspiciously low prices.


Lost your key but don’t want to change the lock? Need to get extra copies? Our key cutting workshop is engaged in the manufacture of duplicates for locks, regardless of their complexity and type. Today the market for door locking mechanisms offers a huge selection of locks. The keys to door locks are classified according to the mechanism. There are cylinder and lever locks.

Cylinder Locks

The main feature of cylinder locks is a small keyhole. Cylinder locks can have the following key types:

  • English – such keys are typically used with Kale and Apecs cylinders. They are small in shape and have a groove in the centre. Uncomplicated shape with one-sided or two-sided design makes them easy to manufacture.
  • Finnish – these are used in Finnish Abloy cylinder locks that have a complex disc structure. The locks are opened with small keys of different thickness and shape. Finnish key cutting consists of filing segments at different angles. The tube can be hollow or flat.
  • Tubular – the manufacture of such a model is carried out for locks with a cylindrical device. The shape of the product resembles a hollow tube. They are used in slot machines, cable locks for bicycles and some models of safes.

Lever Locks

The levers are located in accordance with the arrangement of the teeth on the key. Such keys are much larger than English or Finnish types, and resistance to picking is ensured by the number and shape of levers, as well as by the depth and height of the grooves on the key. The locks themselves quite easily cope with brute force from heavy-duty tools that some burglars use to gain entry; due to the fact that there is no cylinder in the lock, the load is distributed evenly over the entire door surface.


The replacement key can be made from a lock or original copy. It is also possible to manufacture duplicates by a code. The production of copies is carried out on high-precision specialized equipment using original factory blanks. Our master will select a suitable option from various universal blanks using the presented original copy or lock, and cut the blade. The duplicate is guaranteed to match an original copy and fit the lock perfectly. The use of high-quality materials in the key cutting process ensures a long service life of our products. The work can take from 10 minutes to 1 working day depending on the complexity.


Call us if you need to replace your lost key or make extra copies. Our workshop will delight you with a professional approach and efficiency of work. Are you interested, for example, in the cost of tubular key manufacturing? The managers will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding our locksmith services.


We restore keys of any type and complexity with the help of modern CNC machines. At our disposal are the latest models of programmers that allow producing magnetic and electronic keys, with chips and other security elements. The duplicate copies can be made using the original copy or from the lock. We make duplicates for door locks, safes and cars (including models with an immobilizer). For motorists locked of their vehicle, we offer a comprehensive service that includes a free call out of an auto locksmith for opening car locks and programming a new key. Key copy in London is a very popular service because the safety of personal life and valuables ​​is important for many people in the fast pace of a metropolis. We will make every effort to ensure that there are no security problems. Employees of our workshop approach key copy tasks professionally and efficiently.


  • All work is carried out on professional equipment in accordance with modern standards and technologies.
  • Key copy orders are completed in the shortest time possible in the presence of the client.
  • All products and services for the copy of keys are guaranteed and there is a post-warranty service.
  • We will be happy to advise you on issues of interest at any time.
  • We work with individuals and organizations.
  • Discounts for regular customers.
  • We can make any duplicate, including keys for a car, motorcycle equipment and intercoms.
  • A professional locksmith can repair the locking mechanism.
  • Among our additional services is a programming of universal remotes.


We can make a key copy for all kinds of entrance doors, mailboxes, garages, safes, etc. Our copy services are relevant for office workers, storekeepers, cooperative workers and everyone else. Another point worth paying attention to is the key blanks. Poor quality material can cause sudden breakage. We use only proven materials. Processing takes place on modern machines, which guarantees the accuracy and durability of the new key.


The main principles of our pricing policy are honesty and transparency. We do not charge hidden fees, and the cost of our key copy services is indicated in the price list. Please be advised, the price list is for the copy of standard keys; prices for duplicates of homemade non-standard keys and locks are negotiable. The consultation of a copy specialist is free. You only pay for the end result. For your peace of mind, a 3-year guarantee backs any work performed. Work on the manufacture of duplicate keys in the workshop is carried out on modern equipment of well-known brands quickly, efficiently and at affordable rates.


Reliable locks and durable keys for opening them are essential for personal peace of mind. The manufacture of keys, the price of which varies greatly depending on the type of locking device, should not be trusted by dubious companies. The duplicate key must be made of high-quality alloy and fit the locking device perfectly. Turning to the services of private locksmiths, you can’t be sure that they won’t make multiple copies and keep one for themselves in order to use it later for unauthorised entry to your property. Experienced employees of our company have earned the trust of many customers in London with impeccable work. We guarantee the high quality, practicality, versatility and durability of a new key copy. Call us if you want to protect your life and your loved ones as much as possible.

Modern locking systems of domestic and foreign production are aimed, first of all, at increasing the safety of life, maintaining the confidentiality of personal and commercial information. Many brands produce locks complete with keys, which makes it difficult to select the appropriate replacement key. Therefore, in case of loss, it is recommended to turn to the services of experienced specialists who have professional-grade tools and practical skills for performing the necessary work with guaranteed results. If required, our experts are ready to drive out to the site for diagnostics and estimates. We are available around the clock and will be happy to assist you in a challenging situation. Please call our hotline at 02030267902 to get in touch with locksmiths near you. High-tech workshop equipment from Italy, Spain and Germany allows us to carry out a key copy of all types.


Even the highest quality door lock can fail. Such misfortune often happens unexpectedly and at the wrong time. It would seem that the repair of a door locking mechanism is not a complicated procedure, and it is easy to find a locksmith. But the lock service near me may be required late at night, or the lock may turn out to be problematic, and the master locksmith qualifications can be insufficient to cope with the task. What to do in such a situation? The answer is simple – call our emergency service.

Specialists will promptly fix and replace any locking devices, including cylinders, levers, discs, electromechanical and coded mechanisms. Restoration of locking devices may be required for various reasons. Most often, breakdowns occur due to the following reasons:

  • Technical wear of the moving parts of the mechanism.
  • Inability to extract the key from the lock.
  • Low quality or defective product.
  • Skewing or sagging of the door.
  • Incorrect installation or use of the lock.
  • Use of poorly produced duplicate keys.
  • Breakage of the lock mechanism.

Whatever the cause of malfunctions, an experienced locksmith can restore the correct functioning of a locking device. Do you require a non-destructive door opening? Do you need to completely replace the lock, install a new mechanism? Perhaps, you want to carefully remove the jammed key from the cylinder? Local locksmiths have all the necessary means for solving the most complex lock problems.


The least expensive type of work is minor restorations to the front door mechanisms, which includes:

  • Master locksmith call out.
  • Diagnostics of the state of the lock, its lubrication and tightening of individual elements.
  • If necessary, replacement of hardware elements, hinges on doors.

Works of medium complexity may include the following procedures:

  • Lock change.
  • Latch adjustment.
  • Work with the counter part of the lock.
  • Partial replacement of elements of the mechanism.
  • Code lock re-encoding.

The most expensive is the overhaul of locks. London is not a city where you should save on your own security and protection from burglaries. During the overhaul, our specialist will carry out the following work:

  • Select the most reliable lock model.
  • Install the lock.
  • Strengthen the mechanism with the help of solid armour plates and durable linings.
  • Ensure higher burglary resistance of the structure by installing crossbars.
  • Eliminate the distortions made when installing the lock mechanism or door.


We take on work of any complexity. Restoration of locks in metal, wooden or plastic doors of foreign or domestic production will be performed with high quality regardless of the locking mechanism’s features and the degree of breakdown. You can order emergency gain of entry at any time of the day; the specialist will arrive as soon as possible.

The specialist will bring the necessary parts and tools with him, which will make it possible to complete the work in one visit. Our price for door opening service will pleasantly surprise you. The specialist in my area will diagnose and repair the entire locking system and give practical advice on the product’s subsequent operation.

You risk only exacerbating the problem and significantly increasing the final cost by trying to carry out restoration work on your own. Calling professional service is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to fix any locking mechanism. Contact us at any time of the day.


Lock opening in the entrance or interior doors of houses and apartments. Our specialists deal with all types of locking mechanisms including disks, levers and cylinders. We offer:

  • Cars opening without causing defects to the paintwork or interior.
  • Opening of safes with any level of security.
  • Opening of lock mechanisms in garages, offices, summer cottages and other establishments.
  • Replacement of locking mechanisms (if necessary).
  • Provision of expert advice on the lock installation and selection.


Our company performs door opening in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. We must be 100% sure that the caller is the property owner; therefore, we require the provision of documents confirming the ownership. If you rent an apartment, you must provide a rental agreement. Sometimes, the confirmation of neighbours is also required (depending on the situation).

In the event that you do not have documents on hand, our specialists will open the lock only in the presence of representatives of law enforcement agencies, to whom you will subsequently have to present your documents. We work 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays, so every person, regardless of where he lives or time of the day, has the opportunity to use our services. Choosing us, customers can count on the following:

  • Prompt visit of a specialist.
  • High speed of work.
  • Low price tag.
  • No call out fee upon agreement on provision of services.
  • Provision of quality assurance.

Contact us at any time of the day for taking care of your lock related problem. The lock is an indispensable device that protects premises from intruders. However, it happens that the locking device fails. In such a case, a person cannot get into his house, apartment, office, or, on the contrary, get out of the premises. The only way to solve the problem is the emergency lock opening.


Specialists know the designs of all lock types like the back of their hands and can carry out lock change quickly! Of course, if the mechanism is broken, you can turn to your friends or neighbours for help. However, it is likely that they will simply break the lock, damaging the door, or cut it off with a grinder. Such a lock opening is impractical because it causes significant material damage.

It is much wiser to contact specialists who can open the door using special devices. In most cases, the locksmith manages to gain entry without damaging the lock. It usually takes the specialists from five minutes to an hour to open a door with a broken lock, depending on the design of the mechanism and the degree of its breakdown. After the opening, we will thoroughly inspect the lock and fix it if possible. If necessary, lock change can be carried out on the same visit.

Experienced locksmiths are always ready to come to your aid in a difficult situation. Our prices are among the most competitive in the area. We are available around the clock. The lock can fail on its own, due to the fact that its parts are worn out. Often, before a complete breakdown, it gets jammed and turns tight. Also, it happens that the lock stops functioning after a burglary attempt. Here, of course, you can be glad that the lock turned out to be reliable and saved you from burglars, but the situation when you cannot get into the room is still unpleasant. Do not succumb to despair! It is enough to contact us, and your problem will be solved.


Are you searching for lock specialists near me? Need quick assistance with a faulty locking device? Having trouble with opening your front door? – WE ARE READY TO HELP! Please call our dispatch centre at 442030267902 or submit a callback form on this website. The dispatch centre operator will route the closest available specialist immediately. You just need to provide your address and valid contact number. Mobile units staged on 24/7 duty across the city allow for fast response. Our arrival time at the place of call averages 20 minutes!

We bring a complete set of tools, spare parts and new locks for taking care of any problem that may emerge over the course of work. Our local team has been assisting customers in lock-related emergencies since 2012. Over the years in business, we have earned a reputation as a reliable service and intend to keep it by continuing to offer our customers low cost solutions to lock problems. The quality of our services is evidenced by numerous reviews from local customers whom we had the privilege to assist in emergencies. Feel free to call us at any time if you are looking for professional locksmiths in my area. There is no call out fee in case the customer consents to the provision of services upon the arrival of a specialist. 02030267902.